October 4, 2011

L'Eau De Prep

Following in Ralph Lauren's footsteps, Tommy Hilfiger just launched his new line of fragrances, "Eau de Prep" this month.   The collection features two fragrances,  Eau de Prep Tommy Girl and Eau de Prep Tommy. The fragrances reflect sporty yet elegant style, quite similar to the Tommy Hilfiger way of life.

Eau de Prep Tommy features red grapefruit, wild clary sage and passionate granadilla top notes, Egyptian Geranium, wet greens, a splash of tonic, white pepper, lavender absolute and juniper berries middle notes and finally rich amber, and georgywood, oak moss and white suede base notes.


The flacons are very elegant, made of see-through glass and embellished with golden inscriptions and capital while also featuring a new crest from Tommy Hilfiger.

The collection was developed by Hilfiger licensee, Estee Lauder Cos.' Aramis and Designer Fragrances unit. Fragrances Eau de Prep Tommy Girl and Eau de Prep Tommy is available as 50 and 100 ml from the Tommy Hilfiger website where they retail for $65.

January 29, 2011

Fashion Forward #15 - Addicted To Brogue

If you've ever worn a good pair of leather boots you'll know just how empowering it is and how that solid first step can set the tone for the rest of your day. A lot of the past Fall/Winter runway shows featured solid boots and one in particular, the Brogue Boot, was more popular than the others. I am a big fan of the perforated look (brogueing, or perforating the surface of the shoe originated with the purpose of allowing water inside the shoe to drain out when the wearer crossed wet terrain) and I am glad more and more boots are manufactured using this technique.

A nice pair of Tricker's Brogue boots can be found at OiPolloi.com

January 9, 2011

Urban Inspiration #2 - 2011 Wird Alles Besser

Happy 2011, may you all have a fashionable and happy new year! A combination of WearPalettes.com and LookBook.nu brought me to Simon Schmidt, a 14 year old blogger from Germany. Even if he were older I'd still be a fan of his looks, however for someone to have developed a unique and interesting sense of style at such a young age is what makes Simon that more special! Check Simon's blog SimonKreative out for more of his looks!

December 28, 2010

Fashion Forward #14 - Have Yourself a Jodhpur Winter

Happy FestiChristmaHanuKwanzaa everyone and I hope that snow hasn't completely covered you yet! I've been travelling around the south of the USA, hence the lack of posts, however in the few moments that I got to surf the web, one item in Rugby.com's winter collection managed to pull me out of my winter lethargy and get me back in post writing mode.

If you remember, I wrote a post about the most interesting styles in men's pants/trousers a while back and the Jodhpur was one of them.

As I was browsing Rugby.com this break, I stumbled upon a gorgeous pair of red plaid denim jeans, woven in a jodhpur style. As far as I know, even though a lot of designers have flirted with equestrian inspired designs, Jodhpur denim jeans have not been done before. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Plaid Jodhpur Jean - $94 - Rugby.com

November 27, 2010

Vintage Sur Le Campus

I've recently started following Greensleeves to a Ground, a "très mignon" French blog that draws its inspiration from "Le BCBG mode de vie Américain". BCBG is a French acronym that stands foir bon chic bon genre or in more familiar terms, Preppy. Greensleeves' author often presents the readers with vintage photos or illustrations that showcase the old collegiate lifestyle and I thought it would be interesting to show you a vintage Sears Ad that presented the newest Campus Styles to its buyers.

1933 Sears Ad - just look at the width of those pant cuffs !

Shameless Pitch #2 - PhotoGnomics

Time for another shameless pitch, this time however for my photography website, PhotoGnomics. Ever since I bought my new DLSR, I have found myself taking multitudes of photographs and I recently felt the artistic urge to showcase them somewhere that was not my Facebook photo albums. Enjoy!

Recent visit to the amazing city of New Orleans

November 11, 2010

Meet The Hilfigers

Though Tommy Hilfiger's last campaign has been out for quite some time, a recent close-up shot revealed a Duke University decal on one of the old cars in the campaign's video (00:30)

Meet the Hilfigers takes the Tommy brand into a "new direction while respecting the brand's aesthetic" Tommy tells Women's Wear Daily. I see it more like Tommy is finally getting onto the preppy resurgence bandwagon. What I like most about the campaign, is that Tommy isn't just rehashing the old Preppy look that Ralph Lauren has been regurgitating for years but rather has reinvented it. From what I can tell, he has brought elements present in Italian style and fused them with staples of the original Prep look (The model on the right literally looks as if he was hand-picked from the streets of Firenze during Pitti Uomo.